Przykładowy opis zdjęcia na maturze ustnej

E – egzaminujący, Z – zdający

E: Describe the picture, please.
Po upływie 30 sekund.
E: Can you start now?
Z: Yes, of course.

I’m looking at a picture of a street in a big city, there are many buildings and shop signs. I can see a couple of people, a man and a woman. They are walking down the street and the man is walking two bikes, a yellow and a green one. They aren’t riding their bikes, just strolling and looking in the same direction, as if they saw something interesting. It must be quite cold because both of them are wearing jackets, scarves and gloves.

E: Thank you. I will now ask you three questions.
Why aren’t the people riding their bikes?
Z: Hmm, let me think… I suppose they might have covered a distance of a few kilometres and got tired. So now they decided to take a break and walk. Or they felt it was too cold to ride.
E: And do you like cycling?
Z: Oh yes, I do. I love it. I like outdoor activities, but cycling is definitely my favourite one. It’s more than just exercise because you can get wherever you want and you feel free. You can visit many interesting places or visit someone. And if you ride your bike, you’ve got beautiful views around you. Cycling is also much more fun than taking crowded trams or buses.
E: Could you tell me about a cycling trip or any other trip you made?
Z: Ok. It was last summer. I went to my family cottage with my friends. It’s not very far, about fifty kilometres from here. The place is really beautiful because the cottage is situated at the lake. One day we got up quite early, took a map, some sandwiches, a few bottles of water, and we set off. We cycled through the forest, so it wasn’t too hot and the views of the lake were great. After three hours we stopped at the lake, had a swim, and ate our sandwiches. Then we continued and finally got to a small restaurant in a lovely village, where we had dinner. We were starving and the food was delicious. The trip was tiring but exciting. We enjoyed it very much.

E: Thank you. Let’s move on to Task three.

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