Przykładowe zadanie nr3 na maturze ustnej

Nowa matura ustna z angielskiego 2012 – przykładowe zadanie 3wypowiedź na podstawie materiału stymulującego

Popatrz na zdjęcie 1 i 2.
Planujesz wynająć mieszkanie. Rozważasz dwie oferty.
* Wybierz tę, która będzie Twoim zdaniem najbardziej odpowiednia i uzasadnij swój wybór.
* Wyjaśnij, dlaczego odrzucasz drugą opcję.

E – egzaminujący, Z – zdający

E: Read the task and think about what you’d like to say. You have about a minute to prepare.

Po 60 sekundach.

E: Can you start now, please?
Z: Ok. If I could rent one of these flats, I think it would be number one. I like it a lot because it’s bright and modern. The walls, the curtains and the sofas are white, the carpet is grey and this amazing round table is black. There are no other colours which make me feel annoyed or tired. Also the view from the window is lovely, so I’m sure I’d feel relaxed in this apartment.
I definitely wouldn’t choose the second flat because it’s not really my cup of tea. Those brown sofas look so heavy, the coffee table and the bookcase seem boring. I can’t even see the view from the window. My parents would like to rent such a flat, I wouldn’t. I suppose I could stay there just a couple of days, but not for a long time.

E: Thank you. I will now ask you two questions.
Do young people want to leave home and start living on their own? Why?/Why not?
Z: That’s a good question. Well, if they are mature and independent, I’sure they do. From my point of view it’s quite hard to start living on your own, especially if you aren’t used to doing housework, shopping, cooking and so on. And the most important is to get a good job because you have to pay the rent. On the other hand, there are many young people who prefer to stay with their parents because it’s less difficult. They don’t worry about many things like bills, neighbours, getting up very early. Yes, I suppose it’s easier this way.
E: What are the advantages of living in a city?
Z: First of all, there are lots of people everywhere so you don’t feel lonely and there is always someone to help. Secondly, there are many places to go to and enjoy yourself. I mean cinemas, theatres, clubs, galleries, discos, restaurants, pubs, museums, swimming pools, sport and shopping centres and many others. But the main advantage is that you can study at the best universities or colleges and after graduating find a good job. At least I hope it is possible.
E: Thank you. This is the end of the exam.

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